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The Future Of Electric Vehicles

Tesla president and owner Elon Musk said that Tesla electric cars will get 8% lower in cost and gain 8% or more range each year. This is because Technology gets better and lower in cost. Just like Moore's Law coined by Intel where we have seen computer chips with twice as many transistors in a given space each 1 1/2 years. This has made computers lower in cost, faster with more memory each year.

COST= batteries are the biggest cost of an electric car. The energy density and life of these batteries has increased while prices decrease.This will continue.  Energy density is measured in Wh/ kg , Watt hours per Kilogram .The 2011 LEAF has batteries of about 150 Wh/ 1 Kg, the Tesla 2012 S 250 Wh/ 1 Kg. Some new batteries may have 400 Wh/Kg. 

WEIGHT=Weight is also a big factor and cars are getting lighter as well as the batteries. Tesla uses aluminum to make their cars light, strong and fast. Carbon fiber is also being used more and more because it is so strong per pound of weight.

FEATURES= Electric vehicles use regenerative braking. This is similar to down shifting in a regular car but in an Electric Vehicle the electric motors turns backwards and becomes a generator. This saves brake wear while making energy and storing it back in the battery. 

V2G= Vehicle to GRID along with all forms like V2H Vehicle to Home and V2B Business allow your vehicle to supply power to the GRID as well as take power for charging. Many people may not know but the 2013 Electric GRID makes excess at night and it can't be turned down or Ramped down as the power industry calls it. They just continue to make full power and dump excess when it's not needed at night Off Peak. Electric Vehicles can store the power and even help during a brown out or black out. Read more at www.V2G-101.webs.com

      With a Smart GRID you can get paid for having your EV plugged in and sitting ready to help. Most cars sit for 20+ hours a day so why not get paid to be connected.

Read http://www.v2g-101.webs.com/

 FUTURE = EVs can be part of many new features. What can you think of that can help everyone. and make you some money ?


May 2017- The Tesla Model 3 is on schedule and will be delivered in July 2017. Tesla says they can deliver 60-70K by the end of 2017. NO AWD, NO BIG BATTERY PACK in the 2st year to speed up deliveries. 


Below is older news from 2013 on to today.  

 Sept 2013 A report, written by Trip Chowdhry and team, noted that Tesla is working on a hybrid battery pack that could increase the car’s range by 40% and battery life by about 30%. The new battery should be available in the Model S by 2015, the report says. The potential impact:

 + Ultra/Super Capacitors can help lithium batteries. BlueCar is electric with Lithium/Super Capacitors that can go 160 miles on a charge. They are leasing them in Indianapolis Indiana in 2014 as the BlueCar.  READ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bollor%C3%A9_Blue_Car

Smaller Lighter Vehicles

The overall plan at Tesla is to make smaller lighter vehicles for EVeryone. Just like Personal Computer and Cell Phones they started with the people who can afford new technology first and are working their way down to the majority of people.

  Today almost every home has at least 1 PC and many have 2 or 3.

   Just about everyone has a cell phone. Even young children have a cell phone. New smart phones are like a phone, computer and camera all in 1.

   How long do you think it will be before everyone has at least 1 electric car?

   How small do you think the vehicles will be that Tesla makes?

   Will we see Tesla bicycles ?

One of my favorite vehicles is a bicycle. When you make it electric assist it can be even better. If you enclose it part way it's still better and called a VeloMobile. There are many types of velomobiles . A new one in 2013 is the Organic Transit, Light weight , partly enclosed and has electric assist.



Tesla Future cars

Roadster2008-12Lotus Elise chassis; 2,400 sold
Model S sedan2012Approx. 20,000 built so far
Model X crossover2015Full production scheduled early 2015
Gen III sedan2016Compact sedan might wait until 2017
Gen III crossover2018Planned for 18 months after sedan
Model S redesign20208-year sheet-metal cadence
Gen III sports car2020Lower priority than sedan/crossover
Gen III convertible2020Arrives with the sports car
Pickup?Musk says he wants one; no r&d yet
Source: Tesla sources (June 2015 Tesla says the model 3 will have a SUV option,AWD option etc

 FEB 2015- EVen Chevy said they are gearing up to produce the new Bolt that will be 100% electric and have a 200+ range on 1 charge. All automakers now want to beat Tesla so stay tuned to see who can even get close or beat them. The Bolt maybe available in 2016. We will see. 


=D--------------------The Chevy BOLT is planned for Oct 2016 release- Nissan LEAF also 2016

Tesla has encouraged other automakers to try the beat the Tesla Model 3 due in 2016. We will all be watching to see who is first with a car over 200 mile range and under $30K. Then who is the best!