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GIGAfactory for batteries

Tesla built a factory to make their own batteries. Panasonic is also partnering with them. They predict the price will be 30% to 40% less than the batteries they use now and have more energy density.

They have already announced they are offering a Roaster upgrade to their newer batteries to give it a 400+ mile range on 1 charge.  The GEN III will also use new batteries so it will have a 200+ mile range.

 The new batteries are used for their Tesla vehicles, Solar and GRID backup and many other uses. It could be a bigger business than the cars. 

The GigaFactory grand OPENED was July 29th 2017 . They already produce battery packs and are starting to make cells.  It's the BIGGEST Factory in the World and all run on Solar PV. 

Tesla Signs Deal With Panasonic On Gigafactory


The New GigaFactory opened March 2017. It's now making better batteries right in the USA for the Power Wall, Power Pack and Model 3.

PS The Factory is the biggest in the World of ANY factory.

It is run on 100% Renewable Solar PV, GEO Thermal and soon Wind Power from their on Site energy.

The 2ND GigaFactory is up and running in Buffalo NY Making Solar roof tiles and panels at 21.4% efficient.  

The Model 3 started  deliveries July 2017. The Future is here.  



Nikkei.com is reporting that Tesla has signed a deal with Panasonic to have the industrial giant supply the electric automaker with the machinery to stock its first Gigafactory.

The deal is worth between $194 million and $291 million. Overall investment in the project could climb to $5 billion with Panasonic's share climbing to $1 billion, Nikkei says.

A Tesla representative declined to comment on the report.

Tesla is hoping to begin construction on its first Gigafactory this year. The company wants to double the world's supply of lithium-ion batteries by 2020.

This is critical in multiple ways for Tesla. In particular, it could help the electric carmarker address some major supply constraints.

"Tesla's growth in 2013 was held back by a lack of batteries," reported the WSJ's Mike Ramsay in April. "Tesla, with sales of just over 22,400 cars last year, is already the largest buyer of lithium-ion battery cells in the world. With plans to sell 500,000 vehicles, its own demand would be greater than the demand for every laptop, mobile phone and tablet sold in the world.

Tesla was up more than 2% on Monday.

 The GigaFactory is in progress. Nevada is giving lots of incentives and will get lots of jobs in return. 

 =D-----the factory is ahead of schedule



=D--------------------Giga Factory is also making the PowerWall home Tesla battery systems



 Inside EVS reports Tesla will use Panasonic batteries for all cars Model S X and 3



 The Factory is up and running in 2016. They now make packs and will make cells on site in the 3Q. They are ahead of schedule. They will be for the PowerWall since the model 3 now has over 400.000 pre orders. Those will use new Panasonic 18650 cells.