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Tesla 3 pictures and links

what will the new Tesla 3 will  look like ,either model could be the real one ?

What price will it be?, they have suggested $30,000 before incentives!

What range will it have? the 40 kWh is 220 and 75 kWh battery is 310.

4 door w trunk no hatch back? Tesla has stated it will be a 4 door 25% smaller that the S.

Here's a link to some ideas. We will have to wait and see for sure. 



Tesla Model 3 Price Target Is $35,000 Before Incentives, $45,000 For The Crossover?




 Tesla C city car concept http://azleg.gov/FormatDocument.asp?inDoc=/ars/28/00876.htm&Title=28&DocType=ARS

 Sept 2013, some think it maybe called the Tesla E maybe C, we will see

artists concept below from the Tesla Website .



Tesla Model ≡ ,maybe a station wagon ,pickup truck version and convertible?


The CTO also stressed from the EIA in Washington D.C. that he expects battery costs to continue to fall in coming years, enabling even more lower-priced electric cars.

To that end, JB said that lithium battery powered cars “will become the predominant and primary fuel for light vehicles,” and as such, Tesla is now planning for “cars beyond” the Model 3 portfolio. Mr. Straubel gave no specific indication of what these cars might be, or when they would arrive.