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Tesla SOLAR Super Chargers

Tesla has also started putting in Solar charging stations that will super charge your Tesla in 20-30 minutes.  They are free if you own a Tesla. They make more power than they use and the plan is to have over 100 by the end of 2013.  As of Jan 2013 they have 8 up and working so far in the USA. In a few years they plan to have over 500 in the USA alone.

They call it Free Long Distance Driving

 Read about it at this website.  (30 now up and in service Oct 24, 2013)


 August 2013 Their map shows nationwide driving by the end of 2013, with many more in 2014 and 2015 will cover 98% of the USA. 

I bought $30K 1,100 TSLA stocks in Jan 2013 and now it's up to $140-150 a share for a $150K profit so far.

What else does Tesla have planned for the future ? I'm not sure but I do know you will be amazed !

 As of Sept 2013 the stock is at $160-170 and very strong. An analyst on seeking alpha estimates it would double every year for the next 8 years or more.  They coined a new word for investors like Millionaire but they are called Teslaire's      

As of December 30th 2013 there are 49 USA Super Chargers and 14 in Europe with many more planned and in progress. It's a $2,000 option to be able to use them as much as you want with your new Tesla. 

 As of Jan 18th Tesla has over 60 Super Chargers with 3 in Arizona so far, and 14 in Europe.


As of March 2014 Tesla has 81 Super Chargers in the USA and they are adding more every week. There are 14 in Europe and more coming.   http://www.teslamotors.com/supercharger


As of 7/24/2014 there are 103 SC in the USA, 40 in Europe and 6 in China with more each day! ALL are FREE and Renewable Energy Powered. There should be about 300 Super Chargers by 2016 when the GEN III is available.



North America
Today – 103 stations
Complete West and East Coast coverage
Coast-to-coast travel
2014 – 80% of the US population and parts of Canada
2015 – 98% of the US population and parts of Canada
Today – 40 stations
Today – 6 stations 


December 16,2014 

140 USA Super Charger locations.

They also now provide 130 kW charging rate.

Tesla also released the Tesla S D for dual motor 4 wheel drive. It's faster than any car in history like the McClaren F1 and more efficient than the model S since each more has less load and can hit the sweet spot better. It's 10-20% more range by being efficient! =D------plug in 

=D-----------There are now over 150 US Super Chargers, there should be about 300 by model III launch time in 2016-2017

=D-------------------Lots more Super Chargers, June 22-2015


448 Supercharger stations with 2,485 Superchargers



Tesla model 3 will have to pay for Super Charging, by the use or lifetime. The price has not been set yet. June 1st 2016.


 Super Changer Count June 1st 2016

266  with 18 permits and 17 in progress

638 28 38 World wide with more coming each day.


In Sept there are over 300 USA Super Chargers. They have a new 1/2 size 72 kW Super Charger for cities.    http://insideevs.com/visit-teslas-new-urban-supercharger-image-gallery-video/